While our passion is transporting you to another place in time through the art of photography, we feel it's important for your home to be radiating with good vibes! And that starts with you. Our intention is to offer some of nature's gifts to help you attain a harmonious state of mind.

We hope to become your peaceful oasis where you could find all the tools you need to energetically enhance your inner sanctum. 

Everything featured is prepared in small batches to ensure you are getting only the best. From hand poured candles and healing crystals to bath kits and energy orgone pyramids, we hope to become your number one provider of positively inspired home goods.

Our kits and hand-poured candles are intuitively curated and made with love by us in Miami, Fl. We strongly believe humanity has entered into a new stage of awakening and personally use all of these tools to enhance our daily life. In a world full of chaos we invite you to relax, reflect and enjoy everyday to the fullest.



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