Our Story




OA LIVING emerged from the love of attaining personal peace, redefining mental paradiams of the meaning to happiness, searching for one's true path and seeking the beauty of the small things in life. As human beings, we saw the need to realign our values and discover where our talents could be put to use for the good of humanity.

Jose's passion for photography has been a part of him since he was a small child. But as many things in life, at times, we forget our path until destiny re-introduces us to our origins. After many years of working in the medical industry, Jose felt the need to create, explore and re-discover his forgotten dream. In 2016 he set off to learn everything he could and pursue photography professionally. His vision was to capture the sun's chi, nature's tranquility and the hope a new day brings. He wanted to share nature's blessings with the world. Also to prove to himself he was capable of living the life he envisioned and wanted to inspire others to go after their dreams no matter what. To show others that it is never too late to reinvent yourself or learn new things and grow.

In 2019, destiny intervened by forcing two strangers to cross paths. 

Johanna shared the same values, dreams, and she was also in search of her life purpose. In 2016, she left the corporate world of finance to explore her creativity, prepare for an unforeseen entrepreneurial adventure and discover her true self. Though a series of life changing events, she discovered the world of crystal healing, art, photography and radical self love. And so began her path to spiritual awakening and self-discovery that lead to the birth of OA LIVING.

Together we formed OA LIVING to share our passion for nature and positivity with the world. Our mission is to raise the collective's energy with our ethically sourced crystals, nature inspired art and unique collectable photography.

OA LIVING is not a brand, it's a lifestyle.

Everything we do is deeply rooted in the belief that connecting with nature brings us back to our origins, helps us achieve harmony and unveils the stillness we need to rediscover our truths. 

Welcome to OA LIVING.