Our Story


What is OA Living?

OA Living is an art, perspective and lifestyle. We believe that photography has the power to capture a moment, share a story and, ultimately, help change the course of people’s lives. 

Through our photography, we embrace and share positivity by transforming nature’s ever-changing beauty and power into stillness: an image you can surround yourself with, embody, and always carry with you. 

We also help people uplift their mood and bring the positive energy of nature into their homes through nature’s own art and objects: stones, abalone shells, crystals and more. 

Together, our photography and goods are meant to bring joy, peace, inspiration and harmony into your lives.

Afterall, you have one life. Live it well.

Our Story

OA Living began as the instagram account of one man. A healthcare worker by trade and photographer by passion, Jose always found capturing the essence of a moment in time to be profoundly magical. In his profession as a physical therapist, he witnessed true pain and suffering. He thought if he could somehow bring a ray of positivity and light into his patients’ lives through his art, it would all be worth it. So in 2016, Jose took a leap of faith and opened his instagram account, Optic Adventures. The OA of OA Living. The idea that through a camera lens life, hope, love, dreams, destiny, and positivity could be explored, experienced, and ultimately shared.

Jose’s vision and hard work paid off: Optic Adventures found its audience online and took off. His photos of sunrise, colorful skies, landscapes and more inspire thousands daily. His journey is a testament to never letting anyone set your limitations. You are the architect of your destiny and anything is possible through hard work, perseverance and love.

Like all good things in life and nature, however, Optic Adventures evolved. How? Enter Johanna.

Inspired herself by Jose’s work, Johanna knew OA went beyond the lens. In fact, she knew that the transformative power of Jose’s work was not that it was a lens, but that it eradicated the lens, diving deep into the heart of its subject: nature. The connection between her own philosophy and experience of natural and spiritual healing resonated with OA’s message of positivity and mission to spread it. And so, a partnership was formed and OA Living was born.

Today, OA Living still lives where it was born, in the heart of Miami, Florida. More than ever, it is like the subject of its photography: ever-growing, changing and evolving. The path might not be fully determined, but the goal is still there: to encourage people to get out and live life well. Whatever form that takes.

We’re OA Living and we hope you live it with us.


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