Man cave decor ideas

Man cave decor ideas

For men whose significant others decorate most areas of the house, a man cave provides a place that he can make entirely his own. This increasingly popular room of the house usually features masculine decor and serves as a space where guys can hang out on their own or with friends. Here’s how to achieve that look in six easy steps.

Put Your Passions Front and Center

Your man cave is your space, so you should put your stamp on it by decorating it to match your passions and interests. Are you a music guy? Hang instrument racks so you can display your stash of guitars on the wall. Are sports more your thing? Consider mounting a basketball hoop, placing a collection of trophies on a shelf or displaying team jerseys on the walls. 

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Lay Down Rugs

Many men have a garage, a basement or an outdoor shed for their man cave space. Although this is an easy way to achieve the rugged look that many guys desire for their area, the cold, hard floor of these locations can also be rather uninviting. A full floor remodel is one solution, but laying down area rugs is simpler and cheaper. Plus, you can easily switch out rugs if they get dirty or you’re just ready for a change. 

Arrange Furniture for Lounging

The man cave should be a place where you can unwind on the weekends or at the end of a long day. Therefore, it is imperative that the furniture is completely lounge-worthy. You are going to want couches or recliners where you can stretch out. And if a nap happens? All the better. 

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Build a Bar

One of the favorite parts of the man cave for many guys is the home bar, where he can grab a drink for himself or his friends. Keeping a few beers on tap is a great addition to this setup. If you’re more casual about your drinks, keep your man cave bar setup smaller with a basic counter and a refrigerator to keep cans and bottles cold. If you’re a wine connoisseur, a wine cellar makes an excellent addition to your manly space.

Add Entertainment

Whether you’re hanging out by yourself or inviting the boys over, entertainment is a must for your man cave. A classic pinball machine or darts are great items that can be used on your own or with others.

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Install a Big Screen

Sometimes, no matter how many games and toys you keep in your man cave, you just want to chill with an action-packed flick. That’s why every man cave needs a big screen. Huge televisions are great, but it can sometimes be more cost effective — and definitely cooler — to get a projector and a large screen. Retractable screens are handy because you can roll them up so they are out of the way when not in use.

Your man cave should be a space that is tailored to your unique tastes and interests. As such, you may find that not all six of these decor suggestions fit your vision for your man cave, or you may want to use every one of them. 

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