5 Ways To Make Your Home Feel Custom

5 Ways To Make Your Home Feel Custom

Curating a space that speaks to you and reflects your style is all about the details.

Today we’re sharing a few of our go-to tips for making your home feel custom.

Whether you’re building from the ground up, own a tract home, or are remodeling, here are a few things our design team recommends to make your home feel unique and bespoke:

Tip No. 1: Adding wall treatments

Adding wall treatments to your home is one of the best ways to make your home feel custom.

Not only do wall treatments bring instant character to your space, but they also add a textural element that makes any room feel more thoughtful and dimensional.

Something as simple as adding a shiplap to the back of a built-in can give your home a custom feel.

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Tip No. 2: Switching out your lighting

Lighting is one of those elements that always makes a more significant difference than you would think. We’re believers that elevated lighting can elevate a whole room.

Even switching out a row of flush mounts could transform a simple hallway into one of your favorite moments in your home!

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Tip No. 3: Paint + wallpaper

It may sound simple, but never underestimate the power of a re-paint, accent wall, or even statement wallpaper to bring more character, personality, and hue into your surroundings.

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Tip. No 4: Replacing your bathroom mirrors

Switching out the bathroom mirrors in your home can add a subtle designer detail that makes a home feel curated and thoughtful. There are so many beautiful options out there for bathroom-grade mirrors, and in powder baths, you can get even more creative with a statement mirror.

Tip. No. 5: Switching out your hardware

A little bit of hardware goes a long way, but there is more to switching out hardware than replacing the pulls on your kitchen cabinets. Choosing your own hardware for everything from your interior door handles and hinges to your sinks can help bring your home to life that much more.

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