Human creativity. What sets us apart from others is the ability to transform our world. When thinking about creativity most people think about the arts. But in reality, creativity is manifested in various forms. Scientists, engineers, photographers, chefs, parents, basically everyone that plays a role in our social fabric uses creative solutions to everyday life.

Although problems have a negative connotation to them, it's problems that force us to activate our creative genius to find a way to another path. Our ancestors have always used the existing knowledge at hand and evolved it. It’s part of our human evolution. Some argue that original thought is no longer possible, however, you don't always need to reinvent the wheel.

Let’s do an exercise. Close your eyes and visualize an apple, yes an apple, now think about how many ways can you use it? This simple exercise can activate your frontal lobe, where your imagination is housed. Without imagination how can you make something a reality. You must try out new ideas and consider what is currently not in existence. Imagination sets us apart from other animals and makes us human. Our brain can process information in limitless ways and form new pathways. Learning involves challenging your existing beliefs, forcing your brain to try something new and stimulates us by exploring the range of possibilities and seeing what can work.

Creativity doesn't necessarily feel good, it requires discipline, hard work and is always up for criticism. We also risk failing. Let’s face it, no one likes the feeling of failure. But if you look at the greatest minds in history, failure is what gets to them to the brink of breaking, yet suddenly they rise in ways they never imagined.  

So what type of creative are you? Dare to dream big. Take concepts from one place and apply them in a different setting. You should surround yourself with various perspectives, influences and imputes. Don't try to rationalize, just take them for what they are. Be open to the possibility that there are more ways than one to see a problem, even if it questions your values.  

If you don't create an environment that fosters innovative thinking  it's very difficult to come up with new ideas. Creativity is all around us. Sights, sounds, emotions are all imputes that can enhance the creative process. Creativity is refashioning what already exists. Applying your human experience to a subject that interests you and creating a signature outcome. 

We must dig deeper and get off the path of least resistance to achieve our goals. Creativity is cultivated, it's not made from day to night. Creativity is embedded in our biology, but only we can activate it and unlock our true potential. A creative mindset allows you to take risks and allows you to grow as a human being. Life is limitless, we are the ones that set limits. What we create is unique because our life experience is unique. It's about getting out there and making new perspectives. That's all. Make the ordinary extraordinary.