Top Tips For Adding Scandinavian Style To Your Home

Top Tips For Adding Scandinavian Style To Your Home

Scandinavian interior design—whether you’ve seen it in an Ikea catalog, minimalist blogs, or your best friend’s living room, you probably already know how this popular home design style feels. It’s clean, crisp, inviting, calming yet with plenty of interest. But how do you bring it into your own space? It’s a style that can be difficult to emulate when you don’t know what’s making it work. 

Below I’ve listed the top 5 tips for adding Scandinavian style to your own home.

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Neutral Colours

Neutrals are your friend. The main colours you’ll see in Scandinavian interiors are white, beige, light grey, and pale pastels, especially dusty pinks. Stick with only one or two statement colour(s) and leave the rest monochromatic.


Mix-and-Match Natural Materials

Add texture by combined various natural materials within your home. Don’t be afraid to mix different woods, but keep them pale for the most part (mid-century modern teak being the exception). Add some wicker, rattan, seagrass, hemp, (faux) leather, brass, copper, and so on and so forth. And don’t forget to add a little bit of greenery, whether it’s a small potted plant or a few stems thrown into a glass jar.

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Nordic countries have long, dark winter months so it comes as no surprise that they use a lot of light in their homes. Scandinavians favour hanging lamps (pendants, lightbulbs) over ceiling spotlights and like to scatter various lamps and candles around the room to help diffuse the light.


Open, minimalist kitchen 

Scandinavians love an all-white open-concept kitchen. Use only lower cabinets and add some open shelving to store all your pretty things. For your countertop, skip the marble and go with wood, concrete, stainless steel, or pure white quartz for a truly minimalist look.

White Walls

Another pretty universal feature of Scandinavian interior design is white walls. White walls lend themselves well to the general minimalist look that is so popular in Scandinavian design, and they make for a great canvas on which to add a wall collage, some open wall shelving, or to make a statement wall lamp pop out. They also brighten up the space and allow as much natural light to fill your home, which is something the Scandinavians are very conscious about during the long, dark winter months.

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