Must-have Decor Items For Your Baby's Nursery

Must-have Decor Items For Your Baby's Nursery

 A well-designed nursery does more than just provide a comfortable space for an infant to grow up in, it should be a place that grown-ups enjoy spending time in, too. That is why it is important to know what kinds of decor items are essential to a functional-yet-stylish nursery

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1. A Sound Machine

When all else fails, you can always count on a sound machine to help get your baby to sleep. Look for a model that you can control from your smartphone so you can customize everything from the volume levels to the type of noise it makes, from a distance (and with ease).

2. A Baby Monitor.

Separation anxiety is a very real thing for parents. Luckily, the web is brimming with state-of-the-art baby monitors to help you keep tabs on your little one while you are away — or in the next room. Invest in a monitor that allows for both visual and audio contact (aka one with a live stream video and sound), so you can see and hear what your baby is doing no matter where you are.

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3. A Humidifier.

Humidifiers are a simple and easy way to protect your baby from dry air, especially during the cold weather season. Since babies are much more susceptible to congestion, humidifiers help by releasing much-needed moisture into the air to create better breathing conditions in your nursery, which in turn, will also help loosen up your baby’s mucus and prevent dry, irritated skin, too.

4. Eco-friendly bedding.

Not only is superior bedding essential to the comfort of your little one, it is an easy way to experiment with prints and patterns when decorating a nursery. But before you get carried away with all the cute crib sheets, pillows, and blankets on the market, take care to ensure you are buying ones composed of eco-friendly, nontoxic materials, like organic cotton, that won’t release any harmful chemicals into the environment of your home, so you can all breathe easier at night

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