How To Refresh Your Home On A Budget

How To Refresh Your Home On A Budget

We love a good challenge, whether it’s a new fitness goal or today’s topic, inspiring ways to refresh your space while spending as little money as possible. Yes, we’re here to help flex your interior design skills. Bring on the savvy decor hacks and out-of-the-box creativity. 

We’re taking it room by room with affordable (and free!) ideas for updating your home. If you’re committed to the challenge, carve out a weekend when you can focus on two rooms on Saturday and then another two on Sunday. Or take it one weekend at a time—your call.

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First things first: the cleanout

Time to cleanse and get rid of things. This seems like the opposite of what you’re trying to do; however, when you declutter or rearrange a spot in your home, the area will automatically have a new feel. Plus, you may find a special trinket you forgot you owned. 

Don’t be stingy with the cleanout. If you truly don’t love something, donate it and give it a second chance to find a new home. You can also make a “maybe” pile for the pieces you’re unsure about and revisit the box in a week to see if your thoughts changed. It’ll feel so good once you’re done, promise! 

Once you’ve finished the cleanout, sage your space to get rid of any negative energy and help purify your home. 

Living room and bedroom

Rearrange your coffee table or bookshelf. It’s a free way to give your interior aesthetic a new vibe. Even something as simple as swapping the order of your books can make all the difference. Kourt does this all the time in her home. Or try a new layout for the trinkets you have on your shelf. If you want to add a few new accessories, Etsy has an amazing (and affordable) selection.

Instead of buying pricey art, frame a handwritten note from a loved one. You can buy an inexpensive frame or find one at the flea market and replace the photo or current print with your sentimental letter. Order cardstock if you need to fill space in the frame. Every time it catches your eye, you’ll smile and remember how loved you are.

Thrift the rest. Things like ceramic bowls, pretty vases, cool coasters, and unique trays are always hiding in flea markets. Make a loose list of what you’re looking for and hit your local market or vintage store. You’ll find what you need and then some—for a fraction of the price. 

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Update the everyday essentials. This is where you’ll want to purchase new items. Stylish towels, a sleek dish soap set, minimalistic hand wash that you can refill, produce baskets, etc. Luckily, all of these examples are available without breaking the bank.

Reorganize your cookbooks. Especially the ones you have on display. Add vintage cookbooks to your flea market checklist because they always have the best perfectly worn-in options. 

Put a nice bouquet and fresh produce on display. Fruit can be a great centerpiece since it’s so colorful. Show off your new (thrifted) vase with beautiful flowers from your local grocery store. 


All it takes is a few additions or decor swaps to make the space you spend a decent amount of time in feel new and exciting, like a new rustic stool or vintage-inspired lighting (here’s our full list of under $50 bathroom ideas). 

Use your prettiest skincare and beauty bottles as decoration. Not only will they be in a convenient place for you to use in your nightly routine, but they’ll also serve as powder room eye candy.

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