What comes to mind when you think about the color yellowDoes it evoke feelings of happiness, positivity, optimism, or make you think about summer sunshine vibes? It's probably something you never really think about, however, at a subconscious level colors among many other things have a profound effect on our lives.

This concept is nothing new to the advertising world. In fact, brands are very strategic on how they use colors to trigger emotional responses that align with brands marketing strategies. If multinational conglomerates are using this to there advantage, I say, why not us this knowledge  for ourselves to construct an environment that enhances our lives?

Here are two simple tips on where and how to use the color yellow:

1) Use it in the workplace! 


Think about it! How boring are those early morning meeting huddles? Imagine sitting in a room like this. It's just energizing and refreshing to walk in. If you are a business owner, you know how hard it is to keep your staff motivated. Simply adding some yellow it invigorates us at a subconscious. This is key and especially for sales type environments.

2) Use it to enhance positivity or to help with seasonal depression often referred to as SAD


Depression is real and of course this is in no way a treatment or medical advice on how to treat it. However, research does indicate a positive correlation to higher levels of depression in gloomy winter like conditions. Therefore, that implies how much we need sunshine as human beings. So having visually stimulated sunshine images in the home can brighten up the ambiance and help keep balance in the home regardless of exterior factors.

As you can see these are two simple ways to help uplift our moods and make our environments work for us. I encourage you to look at the places you spend the most time in and condition them to work in your favor.

I will be covering tips and tricks to customize your space to fit your needs. Do you need more peace or creativity? Or perhaps are lacking feelings of passion in your life? What particular feeling or ambiance do you want in your space? Once you know, you can take action on how to enhance your vibe. After all, reality is what we make it to be.