Bring the beauty of the sea inside with the beautiful abalone shell. This variety is about 6"-7", and displays a swirling, iridescent pool reminiscent of the ocean and all its wonders.

The larger the shell, the older, and they have more fabulous natural 'imperfections' & characteristics from aging and living in the oceans. These larger shells' interiors are highly iridescent with colorful hues of blue, purple, pink, green, silver, pearl, gold and black accents.

It can be used for sage smudging, jewelry holder, a decorative piece, to add candles, soap, or other little treasures. These make great bathroom, living room and vanity displays. 

Each shell does have its own uniqueness, so please use the photos as reference. The thick outer layer has been cleaned off and polished to show the deep rich rusty color.

Approx: Abalone Shells  6"-7" 

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